Michele & Hoven

Michele & Hoven

Michele & Hoven TM is committed to timeless fashion that focuses on premium quality and artisan production processes. We understand fashion in a different way!

Our garments are developed from natural fibers like Alpaca & Baby Alpaca wool, respecting our lovely Alpacas, as well as protecting the environment from where they come. Peruvian expert knitters, who have inherited thousand-year-old hand knitting traditions, bring their total care and focus to detail while weaving our beautiful pieces.

Together we are working to save indigenous knitting techniques and to promote women´s leadership for gender equality, sustainability and Eco-Friendly Fashion!

We want to get you closer to natural, bringing unique pieces, taking you back to the simplicity of the past, producing pieces that will last a lifetime!

Michele & Hoven TM is Exclusively distributed across North America by Pontos Apparel Trading LLC, based in Chicago, IL.

Michele & Hoven

Booth: 304

Michele & Hoven Sweaters Hand Knitted ALPACA Sweaters (Outerwear, Sweaters, Young Contemporary)
Michele & Hoven Cardigans Hand Knitted ALPACA Cardigans (Outerwear, Young Contemporary)
Michele & Hoven Accessories Hand Knitted ALPACA & BABY ALPACA Hats, Hoodies, Colls & Scarfs (Headwear, Accessories, Gift Items, Young Contemporary)
Michele & Hoven Trousers Telar Knitted 100% BABY ALPACA Pants (Outerwear, Young Contemporary)

  • Booth: 304
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